About Me


I am a yoga instructor and photographer living in the Napa Valley. 


My yogic path has taken several twists, turns, inversions, and even an extended break over the last 10 years, but once I really began to dedicate my time, energy, and focus to the practices, my path became clear. My husband and son, with great understanding, have supported me through my journey. I received my 200 hour certification in the Raja yoga tradition at Yoga Community in Sonoma, and have been lucky enough to practice and learn with amazing teachers in the Napa Valley and San Francisco. Through yoga, I feel a sense of empowerment  and strength of mind, body, and spirit, and through motherhood, I’ve regained my understanding of the importance of leaving room for a bit of play! My hope is to help students find their own inner and outer strength, as well as experience the deep sense of community that yoga can bring.

Currently, I teach Vinyasa and Hatha & Meditation classes throughout the Napa Valley, and spent 9 months sharing yoga to Kindergarten and 2nd grade classes in my community. I remain both awed and inspired by these amazing (and adorable) kids.

I am an RYT 200 registered with the Yoga Alliance.


These are a few of my favorite things: singing on long road trips, scrolling through pictures of kittens, camping in Big Sur, dance parties in my living room, puns (all day, every day), cuddling with my son on cozy mornings, coffee from Ritual, elephants, ‘le petit dejeuner’ in Paris (because a croissant and 1/2 a baguette with butter is never not awesome), playing with arm balances, that moment when I fall down but burst out laughing (often connected to arm balances!), making my husband laugh at my faux English accents…


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